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Children Meditating

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Vaccines, Diseases, and Parents’ Rights.

Raising a Vaccine Free Child - Author talks by Wendy Lydall

Wendy Lydall is available for talks in and around Melbourne Victoria. 


Vaccination is a complex topic because the various infectious diseases react differently with the immune system. Wendy covers the topics of;

• The significance of antibodies

• Self-resolving childhood diseases

• Infectious diseases that need interventions

• The danger of suppressing fever

• The myth that vaccinated children get the disease less badly

• The myth of herd immunity

• Vaccine ingredients

• The politics of adverse reactions to vaccine reactions

• The pre-licensure trialling of vaccines

• The post-release monitoring of vaccines

• The theory that diseases have been and can be eradicated

• The contamination of vaccines

• No Jab No Pay/ No Jab No Play


Digital projector and powerpoint presentation is used to illustrate the issues. A screen or a flat wall to project the images onto is required.